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  [NEW]Gods Ragnarok Online [Freebies for Symb] No Lag / 99.99% Uptime

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PostSubject: [NEW]Gods Ragnarok Online [Freebies for Symb] No Lag / 99.99% Uptime   Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:30 am

Server Information:

Main Site:

Register Here:

Max Level: 99/70
Max Stats: 99
Max Aspd: 190
Jobs: Transcend Only
Base Exp: 1000x
Job Exp: 1000x
Normal Item Drop: 100%
Equipment Drop: 50%
Boss Equipment Drop: 50%
Normal Monster Card Drop: 10%
MVP Card Drop: 5%

All MVP are Auto Respawn !

Healer/Buffer/Repair/Identify - all in one npc
Warper - with last warp features
Mall- Basic Items needed for leveling
Gold Room
Job Changer
Platinum Skills NPC
Universal Rental NPC
Exchange NPC - exchange GP to Zeny
Battle Ground

WOE Time
Everyday - 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Commands that players can use:


Special Features

Donation Items are bought with Proof of Donation(PODS), PODS can be acquired in the Treasure Boxes so if your active in WOE you can get Donation Items without Donating.

Player of the Month
Gods Ragnarok Online is in the search of the best players that can dominate PVP, Top 3 players on the PVP Ladder will be rewarded with POD's, 1st Place = 300 POD, 2nd Place = 200 POD, 3rd Place = 100 POD , This is a way that we show our players that non donators can also get donation items and to give all players the best PVP, BG and WOE experience.

The 1st Place Player of the Month will be on our Website.

Guild of the Month
Guild of the Month, The server is seeking for the best guilds, in WOE,BG and PVP, like Player of the Month the Best 3 Guild in the Guild Ladder will be rewarded with POD's, 1st Place = 300 POD, 2nd Place = 200 POD, 3rd Place = 100 POD, but the Guild Ladder formula is different from the PVP ladder, it is (Guild Kill - Guild Death = Guild Points).

The 1st Place Guild of the Month will be posted in our Website.

If you dont have RO Client yet go to this link

Then Follow this steps
# These downloads contain content of a ready to play RO folder. There is no installation needed.
# 1) If you don't know what you are doing or you do not have an RO Client installed. You should download all 12 files: data.grf parts 1-7, rdata.grf, the BGM pack, the DLL pack and the two replacement patchers.
# 2) After you got all the files, put them in one folder and extract all the .rar files (normally at C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO\). They should all be at the same level, see screenshot for example: click here. When extracting the dll package, if you get errors, try extracting it with 7zip.
# 3) Then extract the two replacement patchers in the .zip files (rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe and rsu-kro-renewal-lite.exe by Ai4rei) to the same folder. Run the two exe to patch your kRO and kRO Renewal data. You will need to run these two patchers regularly to keep your client files up to date. Especially when you get sprite erorr or crashes during game-play.

Then Download the Gods RO Mini Client and install it on your Ragnarok Folder and your done, you can now play Gods RO

[center]For Those who already have RagRe Client Download This
CLICK HERE[center]
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[NEW]Gods Ragnarok Online [Freebies for Symb] No Lag / 99.99% Uptime
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